after a year and a half

July 2007

December 2008

Brittney cut her relaxer out in July 2007. I wanted to know how things have been since then.

B: I initially went natural because my husband suggested I go natural. I really didn't like that idea because that meant I would have to deal with thick hair. I was also very style challenged and only wore my hair straight when I was relaxed. Then I began to see so many pictures of beautiful, long natural hair! That is really what helped my decision in going natural!

B: My hair has always been naturally thick. This is the reason why my mother initially put a perm in my hair at a young age! To be honest, I don't blame her; since she was the one who had to deal with it, she was only doing what was best for her. I have been very patient with my hair since I first chopped. I keep my hair protected a lot and try my best to keep it moisturized. This is what is helping me to retain hair and grow it out.


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