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LADYLSA: I started transitioning in September/October 2004 and did the Big Chop in October 2005 so 2009 will make 4 glorious natural years for me. I decided to return natural after reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I vividly remember how he described his first conk and his realization of what the conk did to him and what he was trying to do to himself as an African American.L says~ The conk was a hairstyle popular among African American men from the 1920s to the 1960s. This hairstyle called for a man with naturally "kinky" hair to have it chemically straightened using a relaxer (sometimes pure lye), so that the now straight hair can be styled. Conks were usually large pompadours, sometimes made to resemble white hairstyles. Other black men chose to simply slick their straightened hair back, and allow it to lie flat on their heads. I took a look in the mirror and asked myself why was I relaxing my hair and realized that I had been continuing years of tradition without any thought about my actions. I was programmed. I made a cultural conscious decision after reading that book to stop living the lye. It became my mission to accept my hair wholly and truly for what God intended it to be.

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