1st winning moisturizing regimen!

It's very coily, frizzy, and tangles easily.

Daily Moisture: I use a spray mix consisting of 1. distilled water, 2. aloe vera juice (or gel), 3. a dab of conditioner and 4. castor oil. You can make it as liquid-y or creamy as you want depending on the season or your hair's needs. The conditioner can be anything from Whole Foods Conditioners, Aubrey Organics, Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp, Elucence MB, or Giovanni. I eyeball the measurements and make enough to last 4-5 days. I shake it up in an 8 oz. spray bottle and spritz. These ingredients last me months so it's very cost effective. The mix is very natural, safe, and loaded with moisture. My coils instantly react to it.

Deep Conditioner: I shampoo (Elucence Moisture Balancing) and deep condition with heat once a week. I love Aubrey Organics Conditioners. I often mix in coconut cream concentrate, castor oil, coconut oil, or honey to increase the shine and humectant level. I balance out the moisture by using a mild protein conditioner like AO GPB or Island Natural Conditioner once a month. I also clarify once every 4-6 weeks.

I put some type of moisture in my hair everyday. This doesn't mean my hair is damp or drenched but supple and moist. I probably don't have to anymore but it's now a habit.


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