condolences to jennifer hudson

I am so angry at this tragedy, ESPECIALLY since reports say the crazed killer could be J. Hud's sister's ex.
Black women! Let this be a wake up call!
We have GOT to be careful who we allow into our lives! We have GOT to demand more of our men before we allow them into our homes and our bedrooms!

It is horrific that this man could have exacted such a tragedy on such a tight-knit family, killing J. Hud's 57-y-o mother, 29-y-o brother and 7-y-o nephew.

I do the court reporting for my newspaper, and I was at the courthouse today looking up records for a case I'm covering. I met a black woman who was looking up the criminal record of her boyfriend.

She said that the J. Hud tragedy was a wake up call.


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