You are one of the most creative naturals I've come across; in both how you style and color your hair. Where do you get all this inspiration?!
Aww thanks! As far as the color, I infuse color into every aspect of my life. A lot of naturals are afraid of color, but I’ve been coloring my hair since high school, when my hair was relaxed. I’ve gone through most brands and have learned which ones not to use ever again! The most important thing with color is maintaining the protein-moisture balance in your hair. Deep conditioning treatments become extremely important. I also don’t highlight my hair anymore because of the bleach involved. Over time, it will eat your hair up - trust!! I have colored my hair blue-black, every shade of red, cinnamon brown, bronze and had blond highlights. I love hair, always have. Doing my own hair was the first way I ever expressed my creativity. My hair is definitely an extension of me. I don’t plan anything – it just comes and with art that’s the best way!

How long have you been natural, and when and why did you make that transition?
I hit 9 yrs natural this past May, (yay!) but my story is not so clear cut. Since I was a little girl, my mother and brother told me my hair was beautiful and discouraged the relaxer. But, I pushed for it - hard! I went natural twice. The first time: I started the process in 1998. I was in college. My bff suggested it to me. She had begun the process and thought it would be beautiful on me. At first I was thinking huh? But then, I got caught up with the idea. She said something to the effect of: “When you go natural, you learn so much about your hair, spending time with it, and nurturing it; thereby nurturing yourself”. A little flowery, but it worked! She sold the idea well! I was natural for 8 months. During that time, I kept cutting it shorter and shorter. Finally, my bff and cousin (both hair stunners!) convinced me to cut it all off and relax it for a short sleek cut. So the second time: I cut out the rest of the relaxer from the short cut as it grew out.


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