natural bride: tamika

Tamika at her August 2008 wedding renewal ceremony in Jamaica

"The wedding ceremony was good but funny. Our best man misplaced our vows, the pastor fumbled a lot, since he was thrown off by the missing vows....I was really late blah, blah. Regardless we were surrounded our family and friends in the beautiful island of our birth by an historic waterfalls on a perfect summer day.

I played around with a lot of hair options. I thought I wanted a dramatic curly up do. I colored my hair a week before and decided with my friends' advice to go classic, and chic. Since my wedding was held in rural Jamaica (I was not familiar with any stylist there) and I did not want to give up going to the beach in the days before... I went simple and had one of my bridesmaids do my hair.

We were married in August 2005 originally in Boston. Back then I had relaxed hair. Our renewal was in August 2008... I cut my locks off a few weeks ago and am sporting a low 'fro...... but I have these beautiful pictures to hold on to!"


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