Kris's Hairstyles

when did you go natural and why?
I remember seeing pictures of myself when I was little with natural hair - my hair was hanging down my back! I set it as my goal to get there once again; learning to take care of my hair in its natural state and further being able to care for the hair of my future daughters (should I be blessed to have one someday).

what products/ingredients do you use? why?
My hair and scalp can get very dry and after much trial and error, I eventually found out how well it took to shea and lots and lots of water. I love Ashea Shea Butter Pomade, and Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding and Whipped Shea Butter. I generally seal with unrefined coconut oil and my hair ends up smelling like a wonderful Mounds Bar. :) My hair is happiest in the humid DC summers and my texture really pops then. I'm playing it smart this winter and keeping my hair in protective styles like two-strand twists and box braids, taking it out only every couple weekends to wash with Head and Shoulders Intensive Shampoo (for my problem scalp) and deep condition and re-style.

what products/ingredients do you stay away from? why?
Anything that's not mostly natural. I shy away from products typically marketed to African American consumers that are loaded with mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Even when my hair was relaxed for about 14 years, it was so heavy and limp with stuff like "Pink Oil Moisturizer." Ugh...when you're a kid you can't pick and choose what your mom puts in your hair and then you tend to stay with what you know when you finally CAN choose. I like that my boyfriend can play in my hair and his hand isn't greasy when he pulls it out.


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