from a natural model and dancer

so i am excited about this BGLH first: vanisha, who models and dances professionally, has submitted her photos. i was talking to J the other night, and we discussed how a lot of black female singers don't wear their hair naturally, while a higher number of black female models do. i definitely want to do my little part to encourage this trend and give some shine to an up and coming natural model/dancer.

"this is my story of 3 years :] — from shoulder length permed hair, to super short twists, then i found out about HAIRDYE (lol), and so many different hairstyles... (i even once) took the time to straighten my natural hair and curl it!! i'm known for my big hair, i'm a professional dancer/model and it really sets me apart from everyone." ~vanisha

professional photos

everyday natural looks

straight/relaxed looks


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