Shalilac Hairstyles

So, It was a battle between Zara's gorgeous red hair, and Shalilac's amazing updo, but in the end Shalilac won! Congrats girl!
I also want to extend congratulations to Alycia, whose amazing wedding look won 3rd place. Shalilac will get an 8 oz. of shea butter, donated by MsJaim. Thanks MsJaim! And thanks for everyone who participated!

When Shalilac's style went up (Click here for the complete look.), a lot of you were begging for a tutorial. Well here it is, as promised:

"The night before, I put the back in chucky twists. Nuthin special, just big twists so it wouldn't get tangled. The front (the part that made up the pomp) was flat twisted (to my head) in 2 different directions. The sides were going down and the front I twisted toward my face because I wanted the volume. What your actually trying to do is over-direct the hair for height and volume. So if you are going to loop the hair toward the front, you would flat twist going back. In the morning, I undid the chucky twists and just began to do a french roll (of sorts) around the side (starting from the front to the back). I pinned that down as I went around. Then I added the clip to hold down the rest (there will be alot of hair left over if your hair has some length to it) and tucked any loosies into the roll. Next, I undid the flat twists in the front one at at time. I went in the opposite direction of the hair and made a big loop and pinned it down. I undid the next twist and over-directed it and looped it over the hole of the first loop. I kept doing this until all the hair was pinned and you couldn't see any tunnels in my loops. Alot of words, but really easy LOL. HTH"

I also got photos of some of Shalilac's other looks:


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