twists on curly texture

i also saw that twists don't really work for you as a protective style. that's interesting because they are a go-to style for so many naturals. why don't they work? and what do you do instead?
Twists don't work for me because of the texture and thickness of my hair. My hair is thin (compared to most naturals) in my opinion. Also, the texture causes the twists to unravel too quickly. I like twists that look full and thick. On me, it makes me look like a little girl with plaits. With my line of work (a school teacher), it doesn't look to professional walking around looking like a little girl.
Instead, I do a lot of pony-puffs, but unlike it the summer, I don't wash it as often and detangle it a lot less. Right now, I'm wearing a sew-in similar to my natural texture because of the cold. My hair grew a lot last time I did it and it is perfect for the cold weather. I also like the fact that no one knows it's a weave (even my husband was fooled). I get so many compliments on my texture and my "growth"...LOL!

an example of twists:

and the sew-in... which i think is gorgeous


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