fat twists pinned up

A nice short-term protective style.
Lina, the architect of this style (and featured in the photo), wrote this how-to:
"The pinned up twists were pretty easy.
- I parted the hair down the middle and from ear to ear -- I did it with my fingers, but you can make an off center part and ear-to-ear part with your comb or rattail.
- moisturize with creme of choice. I used shea butter and a little conditioner-- and apply to each section..
-make 4 big two-strand twists (make sure they are a little less firm at the scalp so you can pin them back)/
- Pin the front two back, fasten with a bobby pin, then pin the back to up towards the center. They should angle in like an X. I used two bobby pins for the center. the hair may need to use more pins if the length is very different between front and back.."


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