sunday retrospective: the protective styling dilemma

Jaybaby's box braid style as featured on Nov. 14, 2008

So, one day, I am hanging out with a friend of mine, and her college friend.
“Did you know that L blogs about natural hair?,” my friend says.
“Really?” her college friend replies. “I’m natural.”
“Yeh,” I say, looking sideways at college friend’s hair. “I do. It’s interesting.”
College friend's hair is straight, maybe 3 or 4 inches long, with straw-like texture.
College friend asks for hair advice. Says she wants to stop flat ironing it every morning, but doesn't know which other styles to try.
“Oh man," I think to myself. ”She should definitely check out the Monday Style Icon section, there are tons of ide--"
“Except that I don’t like how twists look on me. Or box braids. Or cornrows. Really, I don't like anything except a fro,” says college friend.
[insert L's blank stare]
"Oh okay," says L. "Just make sure it's well-moisturized."


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