how to: curly hair wash and go

This is my friend Tiffany. She recently decided to cut down on flat ironing and wear her hair in its natural, curly texture. This is her flat-ironed look:

Tiffany says
This summer I decided to give my hair a rest from my weekly routine of flat ironing. Instead, I have opted for the wash-and-go-look. For me, that means a head full of curls.
Because my curls demand moisture, I use all alcohol-free products. (Products containing alcohol dry out my hair.) I have tried many products, and I can't say that one product is better than the other. After a wash with any available shampoo, I towel blot my hair and detangle using my fingers. I follow up with a liquid leave in treatment (conditioner), a conditioning cream (conditioner) and a hair gel (curl definer); I allow my hair to air dry. Down or swept up in a ponytail are just two of the ways that I enjoy my new summer look...


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