climbing deeper into this natural ish... a small update of what's going on with me

1. MSM Sulfur... It's awesome! It's a supplement that aids with hair growth. From my understanding, it also helps with general body health. But J can expound on that... she's the expert. In any case, here's a pic...

2. I'm what's hot in the nail shop... I am the best thing to happen to Pro Nails. The sulfur supplements also strengthen my nails, so whenever I go in to get them done they're strong and well-shaped. When I came in the other day, the lady at the front thought I had a fill-in. That's how dope my situation is right now.
3. It stinks... My hair, that is. I wrote a few weeks back that I can't use spritzes cause the moisture gets on my face and causes break outs. Well the alternative — just using Elasta QP mango butter and castor oil — is causing my hair to smell terrible. I guess the moisture in spritzes serves as a cleansing agent at some level. Right now I feel like I'm piling gobs of product on my hair...
4. ...Which means I no longer moisturize daily. There is such a thing as too much moisture/product and I've passed that threshold. I now moisturize every 2 or 3 days depending on how my hair feels. If I choose not to apply a moisturizer I massage my scalp so the oils spread.
5. My hair brushes my shoulders even when it's not stretched... Not all of it, just most of the back. Here's a bathroom shot I took while re-twisting my hair to make it last a bit longer. And peep my dope yellow towel.

the left side isn't really done yet, so it's shorter than the right side

Nice little milestone there. As my hair gets longer it gets thicker. As it gets thicker, I do my twists smaller. It allows for longer times between retwisting and more flexibility in styling. Case in point: I tried to do a bantu knot out on short, fat twists the other day. It didn't work.

6. I still rock the boring bun most of the time...

But don't hate cuz it's working for me right now...

7. I PROMISE to do more styling... I swear to you, I will. I promised myself I would learn to cornrow and flat twist. I've been peeping YouTube videos and practicing on little pieces of my hair. My sister is at home for summer break. But best believe once she gets back to Chicago for college she will become my foam mannequin head. In the meantime, I'm going to see if someone's cousin/sister/mama/auntie could hook me up with some 'rows or flat twists.

8. I'm not going to straighten my hair this summer like I said I would... I'm too scared aka I'm waiting/praying for J to fly to Chicago and do it for me. I was planning on flat ironing for a wedding a couple weeks ago but had a total straight-hair junkie meltdown. I started remembering my silky-flat-iron college days and taking routes that would force me to drive by my old hairdresser. I went through my old storage stuff and dug out my curling iron. I tried a horridly unsuccessfully roller set. I rocked back and forth in a corner while murmuring "Dominican blow out". Okay I didn't do that last thing. But in the end my boyfriend stepped in and told me, no, I wasn't going to do it because I was freaking myself out. And he's right. I was so indecisive/obsessive about the whole thing that I just dropped it. Maybe on my 3 year nappiversary in November? We'll see...

9. Still love being natural... Yep. That hasn't changed.


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